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When it comes to workforce readiness, today's employers are seeking more than technical ability; they are looking for real team players who possess strong communication and problem-solving skills, and who demonstrate resourcefulness and leadership in the workplace.

While schools across the country understand the benefits of blending these key 21st Century employability skills into their curriculum, administrators often find it difficult to find both the time and the tools to teach and assess these important soft skills.

Soft Skills High provides a unique, virtual high school experience for the teaching and assessing of student career readiness and life skills. Students enrolled in Soft Skills High have three distinct opportunities in one complete program that takes them from the classroom to college or the workplace and out into the world: Career and Life Essentials Course, Career PREP, and Soft Skills Pro.

Quick Introduction:

Career and Life Essentials

Fun & Engaging Curriculum

Aligned with the employability traits framework of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, our Career & Life Essentials (CLE) course is the first step in preparing students for a successful career and life.

Via our cheerful and engaging curriculum and  close-knit virtual community, our students learn how to be better employees tomorrow and better people today. Our students say Soft Skills High is a virtual classroom that feels like the real thing!

Our platform provides for:

  • Rich & Engaging Curriculum
  • Interactive student and teacher community
  • Skill Builder Activities
  • Discussions
  • Pre-Assessment & Post Assessments
  • Quizzes, Mid-Term, Final Exam
  • CLE Course Work Certificate

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Career PREP

Our Virtual Career Guidance Center

Now that students can name and know the importance of acquiring a strong set of career and life essential soft skills, the next step is Career PREP. Located down the hall from our CLE classroom, Career PREP is run under the care and supervision of our Soft Skills High Virtual Career Guidance Center.

In this fun and informative collection of practical workshops and activities, students put the soft skills studied in their Career & Life Essentials course into practice to create a Career PREP Portfolio that they can carry with them with them when they enter college or the workplace.

Career Badges = Career Ready

The Career PREP Portfolio is a summary of the skills, strengths, and abilities students have mastered in the CLE course. Badges include:
  • Self - Assessment
  • Smart Goal Setting
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Skills

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Soft Skills Pro

Industry Certification

Once student's Career PREP Portfolios are complete, it's time to put all the planning into action. The third and final step in the students' journey to career and life success is our Soft Skills Pro certification program. Designed to address the challenges that come with assessing and certifying students in a work-based learning experience, Soft Skills Pro is an easy, effective and valuable evaluation tool for busy teachers and employers.

Upon completion of both the Career & Life Essentials course and Career PREP, students who successfully demonstrate their acquired knowledge in a documented work-based internship will earn a Soft Skills Pro Certificate. They can show this to future employers as proof positive that they are proficient in the core soft skills so vital to workplace success.

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Breakthrough Innovations

Curriculum with Innovative Platform

Rich and engaging career readiness curriculum with 10 modules. Assessment Tools, Activities, Discussions and more. An online community where you can interact with other students and instructors.


Total control of the program is at your fingertips. A teacher's desk login allows you to view student rosters, post announcements, browse course materials and responses, and communicate with students in real time from any screen.


View student's progress in any module down to their answers on their quizzes. User-friendly reporting features allow you to easily generate reports on grades, activities, discussions, and assessments.

Appreciating Diversity and Bridging Cultural Gaps

Our FREE resource for You:

The Soft Skills High Diversity and Culture Module

As our nation struggles to overcome centuries of racial misunderstanding, Soft Skills High would like to offer teachers access to our Diversity and Culture Career and Life Essential course module. By helping teachers, families and students appreciate differences, we can begin to more effectively socialize and work with people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and bridge our cultural gaps -- rather than make them even greater. Register here to access the Diversity and Culture module today.

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