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Today's employers are seeking more than just technical knowledge of the job, they are looking for employees who are willing to work as a team player, have strong communication skills, problem solving skills, leadership, and resourcefulness.

While schools across the country understand the benefits of blending these key 21st Century employability skills into their curriculum, they are finding it difficult to decide how to measure these skills and what tools to measure them with due to many factors that crowd out the time to teach and assess them.

Soft Skills High is a one-stop solution for teaching and assessing student career readiness and life skills. Timely and turnkey, our Soft Skills High program is specifically designed for high schools to meet the growing challenge of incorporating career readiness skills and certification into the curriculum.

Quick 2-Minute Introduction:

Blended Online Learning

The goal of Soft Skills High career readiness program is to help students acquire the soft skills to become successful employees and leaders tomorrow and better people today.

The Career and Life Essentials (CLE) course is aligned with the employability traits framework of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

Our platform provides for:

- Rich & Engaging Curriculum
- Interactive student and teacher community
- Skill Builder Activities
- Discussions
- Pre-Assessment & Post Assessments
- Quizzes, Mid-Term, Final Exam
- Passport to Culture - a global student community
- CLE Course Work Certificate

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Work-based learning

While educators and employers both agree that possessing a strong set of soft skills is the key to career and life readiness, whether or not a student truly is ready can be difficult to measure. That’s why Soft Skills High is more than just an online course. Soft Skill High students must show that they can apply the skills they have learned online to real life via real world competency situations.

Soft Skills High provides the school and students with CLE work-based learning competencies that align with the Career and Life Essentials coursework. “Learning by applying” is the foundation of work-based learning. Students must be provided the opportunity to participate in experiences that assess the CLE competencies. Work-based learning at the workplace, in the community, and through school-based experiences will need to occur under the guidance of a school-based and community or workplace mentor.

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Industry Credential and Certification

Upon successful completion of the Career and Life Essentials course and documentation of a work-based learning experience, students may apply for their Soft Skill Pro Certification.

The Soft Skill Pro Certification is proof positive to prospective employers that the student possesses the soft skills and employability traits deemed necessary to succeed in today’s workplace.

Soft Skills High will provide an easy log-in on our website where teachers, community partners, and employers can access and complete Soft Skills High Pro Certification assessments online.

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Breakthrough Innovations

Curriculum with Innovative Platform

Rich and engaging career readiness curriculum with 10 modules. Assessment Tools, Activities, Discussions and more. An online community where you can interact with other students and instructors.


Total control of the program is at your fingertips. A teacher's desk login allows you to view student rosters, post announcements, browse course materials and responses, and communicate with students in real time from any screen.


View student's progress in any module down to their answers on their quizzes. User-friendly reporting features allow you to easily generate reports on grades, activities, discussions, and assessments.

Our Gift to You and Your Students:

The Soft Skills High FREE Attitude Module

With so much uncertainty in these unprecedented times, it is challenging to maintain a positive attitude. Soft Skills High understands this and would like to give you and your students a gift during this time. Complete the teacher version of the Attitude module to unlock this content for your entire classroom!

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