School and District Enrollment

School and District licensing is available and the cost per license is determined by the number of students.

Each student license to Soft Skills High includes:

  • Full access to Soft Skills High for all years enrolled in high school.
  • Career and Life Essentials Course - 10 module, online certificate program. Each module consists of 6 interactive and engaging activities. Students receive a course certificate upon successful completion.
  • Career PREP- Virtual Career Guidance Center - Students build a career portfolio while completing a personal assessment, learning to write SMART goals, cover letter & resume, and preparing for a job interview.
  • Enrollment into Soft Skills Pro - Workplace Certificate Program - Students demonstrate in the workplace the application of the soft skills learned in the Career and Life Essentials course. An industry certificate is awarded upon a successful assessment by the employer.
  • Online Teacher Training Course - A 3 module course designed for teachers to learn how to enroll, assist, and support students enrolled in Soft Skills High.

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